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Trailblazer Tagged Fish Contest – $10,000 in tagged fish – Tickets on sale for 2021/2022!

Dryden Trailblazer Tagged Fish Contest 

Please visit facebook.com/DrydenTaggedFishing for contest updates including available fish, prize winners and more!

The Dryden Trailblazer Tourism Association has tagged $10,000 worth of fish within the Wabigoon chain of lakes in the Dryden, Ontario area. The contest is intended to bring attention to the chain of lakes and promote tourism in the community and is open to anyone who purchases a ticket. Tickets are $20 per person (cash only) and are available at QSL Tackle, Clark’s Bait & Tackle and Bonny Bay Camp.

Contest Rules

All contestents must purchase a ticket prior to catching a tagged fish. Tickets are non-transferable. Tickets expire at the end of each calendar year, with the exception of the current tickets being sold, which are valid from the time of purchase until the end of 2022. Eligible anglers must have their own tagged fish contest ticket. Children under the age of 16 do not require a contest ticket and are eligible for tagged fish prizes as long as they are fishing with an adult who possesses a valid ticket. Potential winners will be subject to an interview and witnesses may be consulted to ensure these conditions are met.
Anglers must comply with the Ontario Recreational Fishing Regulations. Please refer to the current year’s Fishing Regulations Summary.
Fish must be lawfully caught during the open season for each species on a rod and reel only.
To claim a tagged fish prize, the contestant catching a tagged fish must

Be registered for the contest before catching a tagged fish;
Take a photo of the angler holding the tagged fish with tag visible in the fish (photo must include date and time);
Remove the tag, release the fish, and return the tag to one of the following locations: Dryden District Chamber of Commerce, QSL Tackle, Clark’s Bait & Tackle, or Bonny Bay Camp.

The DTTA will then be contacted for validation.

If you catch a tagged fish and do not have a valid ticket (contest entry), please release the fish back into the water so it can remain part of the contest.

The DTTA invited videographer and influencer Jay Siemens and his wife Samantha out to help tag the fish –
check out their successful day of fishing, including some beautiful aerial shots of the chain of lakes!


Want to see some behind-the-scenes fun? Check out Jay’s YouTube video below and make sure to subscribe to his channel!

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