Board of Directors

Michelle Price
Kelly Sobering
Greg Waites
Caroline Goulding
Charlene Everett
Pauline Douglas

Chamber Manager

Natalie Marcinkowski

Interested in Becoming a Director?

The Board of Directors is a volunteer group of local business owners and representatives that makes decisions about how to best use Chamber resources to serve the membership and the community. A nominating committee is actively recruiting new directors to serve on the board for the 2021-2022 term and is looking for individuals interested in volunteering their time and talents in this capacity.

How big of a commitment is the role of Director? Through election to the board as a director, you assume the responsibility of the governance and fiduciary duties of the organization. You are expected to regularly attend monthly board meetings and the Annual General Meeting.

The success of our Chamber lies in the vision and participation of our members and our Board of Directors to direct the course for our future, embracing opportunities and challenges. Your business voice will make a difference, and we have the capacity to build on our strengths and carry on the tradition of our founding Chamber leaders. Let’s grow and strengthen the Dryden District Chamber of Commerce together.

To review a copy of the Directors' Handbook, Chamber bylaws, or to nominate someone, please contact the Chamber office.